Live Streaming

Relive the final of the Coyote Superbiker 2019!

One of the novelties for the Superbiker 2019 edition is a live streaming provided by the company Freecaster, a reference in the world of Video On Demand. This service allows people to follow this great event on distance, when they can’t be present in Mettet.

What does this mean?

On Saturday, October 12th 2019 and Sunday, October 13th 2019, Freecaster will shoot images of all qualifications and races at the Superbiker through 8 cameras. This way your family, friends and fans can follow all the action if they cannot be present in Mettet. The Videopass will be available exclusively through the website www.superbiker.com at 12 € for the entire weekend.

How do we make this even more interesting for the participating pilots?

Via the live streaming service we were looking for a way to make the pilots sponsor themselves, here’s how it works:

Every pilot who registers to participate in the Superbiker 2019 through the online registration form, automatically activates a personal code after registration. It’s quite clear and easy: the code will consist of the name + first name. Example: Registration in the name of Olivier Dumoulin = code “olivierdumoulin”. This code can get filled in during the purchase procedure of the VideoPass.
The pilot can distribute his code to his group of family, friends and fans. When these people purchase a VideoPass via www.superbiker.com, € 1,50 goes to the pilot from whom they received a code. After the Superbiker 2019 we will collect all information about this via Freecaster and pay the correct amount to the relevant pilots.

This method makes it possible to quickly recuperate your registration (200 Video Passes x 1,50 € = 300 € for the pilot) and arrange a self-sponsorship:
500 Video Passes x 1,50 € = 750€ for the pilot, 1000 Video Passes x 1,50 € = 1500 € for the pilot, etc…

The VideoPass will be offered from August 26th 2019. We wish everyone a lot of success for the Superbiker 2019.