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Registrations for 2024 are not yet open

Procedure 1 Day licence

For pilots who do not have a yearly “Supermotard” license.

Via the My FMB-BMB digital app.

A 10 EUR discount is granted if you pre-arrange the 1 day license through the My FMB-BMB app. It also speeds up administrative checks on the spot.


You install the My FMB-BMB application on your PC or Apple Macbook (other procedure). If you have never requested an FMB license through the application before, click on “New licensee” and enter all requested data (one-off). You will receive an activation code by e-mail to activate your registration. Then log in with your user name (e-mail address) and the password that you have chosen. Enter the missing informations and click on “Request a new license”. Then click on ‘sport license – 1 event’, you choose your discipline and the relevant event (click on Belgium if you live in Belgium and otherwise ‘abroad’). You confirm the license request and click on pay. You arrive on the electronic payment page of our partner Multisafepay, where you have various payment options.

Club connection

When you registered, you had to select a club from the list. This is mandatory for all licensees. The club will receive an email with your request and will contact you to pay for your membership and confirm your registration. Your club membership is valid until the end of the year and may not be re-applied for each license application.


For 1 day licences for adults, only one copy of the ID card must be added. If you registered with your eID card when registering (which we recommend), you do not need to add a copy of the ID card.

For minor pilots, a parental permission must also be added by both parents. You must print this certificate through the application to be signed by the minor’s legal representatives. Please note that these signatures must be legalized by the municipality! You can then add the certificate via the “Documents” menu.

Please note that minor pilots who do not live in Belgium cannot register with an FMB 1 day license. These people are asked to contact their national federation in their country to request a starting permission, since almost all BMB-FMB events are listed on the FIM Europe Open calendar.

Click on the following link to install the application and obtain additional information: http://fmb-bmb.magelan.be/