A success story

At the beginning of the 1980s, the Royal Union Motor Entre Sambre et Meuse (RUMESM) organised almost everything associated with international motorsport races. But times changed, the motocross of Bosseuses vanished and it had to be acknowledged that it was getting harder and harder to attract the great international champions to the Grand Trophy of speed. The RUMESM itself understood that a new race needed to be added to the schedule, in order to preserve the club’s reputation.

So, when the new discipline from the United States came to Europe, Michel Fievet and Freddy Tacheny were very interested. This new discipline was “Supermoto” where riders from all disciplines competed on a course that required both speed and motocross techniques.

Early days

Organising this race for the month of October was rather surprising. However, for the first event, the autumnal sun shone down. The discipline was that of beginners. The machines came from motocross. They had trail tyres and sometimes the front brake was replaced by a more powerful adaptation. Starts are called once the engines are running, in neutral and ridden with the left hand on the helmet (so the clutch cannot be used before the national flag is brought down). Sometimes the machine backfires a bit, but the spectacle is exciting. Georges Jobé, multiple world motocross champion, won this first Mettet Superbiker in front of Jean-Pol Mingels (who was none other than the son of Auguste, the European motocross champion in 1953 and 1954, riding a bike from the FN factory).

The following year they did it all again. There were more spectators and competitors as well. The Frenchman Laurent Pidoux stood out. And from 1989 onwards, with the victories of the American Broc Glover, the Superbiker became a recognised important meeting on the racing calendar.

An established meeting

In 1990, a huge crowd came to this great motorbike meeting in the course of which the organisers set up a raft of activities alongside the sports program.

This assortment of races, and shows of all kinds, appealed to both young and old, making the SUPERBIKER a real family event !

On the way for the 37th edition

In 2024, the 37th Superbiker event will take place! Over the years this race has proved to be the biggest motorcycle competition organised in Belgium.

The Jules Tacheny Circuit will morph once again into a world motorcycling temple over October 4, 5 and 6, with skids and jumps in quick succession at a nail-biting pace over an ultra-fast track which alternates between tarmac and off-road. Non-stop thrills and spills are assured where the audience can get right up close to the action, including some truly breathtaking acrobatics by the planet’s best stunt and freestyle riders. And let’s not forget the After Race Festival which will welcome you on Friday and Saturday evening!

On the sporting side, there will be different categories: Supermoto, Senior, Junior Superbiker, Prestige and Quad. The riders from the Isle of Man will also be present. More than 400 riders are expected in Mettet.

Superbiker organisers welcome you to Mettet for the 37th edition of this Supermoto Mecca which is set to be packed with surprises for newcomers to the sport and will have everyone from die-hard fans and regulars to motorsport virgins and the merely curious captivated for life.


Palmares Superbiker

2023 Marc-Reiner SCHMIDT (DE) Lukas HÖLLBACHER (AUS) Markus CLASS (DE)
2022 Marc-Reiner SCHMIDT (DE) Youry CATHERINE (FR) Elia SAMMARTIN (IT)
2021 Marc-Reiner SCHMIDT (DE) Lukas HÖLLBACHER (AUS) Markus CLASS (DE)
2019 Marc-Reiner SCHMIDT (F) Thomas CHAREYRE (AUT) Markus CLASS (DE)
2018 Marc-Reiner SCHMIDT (F) Thomas CHAREYRE (AUT) Markus CLASS (DE)
2017 Thomas CHAREYRE (F) Lukas HÖLLBACHER (AUT) Markus CLASS (DE)
2016 Thomas CHAREYRE (F)Marc-Reiner SCHMIDT (D) Lukas HÖLLBACHER (AUT)
2015 Marc-Reiner SCHMIDT (D) Romain FEBVRE (F) Thomas CHAREYRE (F)
2014 Romain Febvre (F) Thomas CHAREYRE (F) Christian RAVAGLIA (I)
2013 Mauno HERMUNEN (SF) Thomas CHAREYRE (F) Sylvain BIDART (F)
2012 Romain FEBVRE (F) Mauno HERMUNEN (SF) Sylvain BIDART (F)
2011 Mauno HERMUNEN (SF) Sébastien TORTELLI (F) Romain FEBVRE (F)
2009 Ivan LAZZARINI (I) Gérald DELEPINE (B) Andrea BARTOLINI (I)
2008 Cassidy ANDERSON (USA) Mauno HERMUNEN (SF) Mickael PICHON (F)
2007 Frédéric FIORENTINO (B) Mauno HERMUNEN (SF) Eddy SEEL (B)
2006 Frédéric FIORENTINO (B) Gilles DEJONG (B) Jean-Marc GAILLARD (B)
2005 Bernd HIEMER (D) Jerôme GIRAUDO (F) Jürgen KUNZEL (D)
2004 Frédéric FIORENTINO (B) Stéphane CHAMBON (F) Christophe BERTRAND (B)
2003  Boris CHAMBON (F) Frédéric FIORENTINO (B) Eddy SEEL (B)
2002  Frédéric FIORENTINO (B) Stéphane CHAMBON (F) Eric DELANNOY (B)
2001  Jürgen KUNZEL (D) Klaus KINIGARDNER (AUT) Stéphane CHAMBON (F)
2000  Jürgen KUNZEL (D) Thierry GODFROID (B) Eric DELANNOY (B)
1999  Eddy SEEL (B) Joel SMETS (B) Thierry GODFROID (B)
1998  Eric DELANNOY (B) Thierry GODFROID (B) David BAUDELET (B)
1997  Thierry GODFROID (B) Eric DELANNOY (B) Gilles SALVADOR (F)
1996  Stéphane CHAMBON (F) Boris CHAMBON (F) William RUBIO (F)
1995  Stéphane CHAMBON (F) Boris CHAMBON (F) Thierry GODFROID (B)
1994  Thierry GODFROID (B) Georges JOBE (B) Stéphane CHAMBON (F)
1993  Stéphane CHAMBON (F) William RUBIO (F) Gilles SALVADOR (F)
1992  Stéphane CHAMBON (F) Laurent PIDOUX (F) William RUBIO (F)
1991  Billy LILES (USA) Laurent PIDOUX (F) Stéphane CHAMBON (F)
1990  Stéphane CHAMBON (F) Laurent PIDOUX (F) Gilles SALVADOR (F)
1989  Broc GLOVER (USA) Jean-Marc BLANCHY (B) Eric DELANNOY (B)
1988  Laurent PIDOUX (F) Eric DELANNOY (B) Georges JOBE (B)
1987  Georges JOBE (B) Jean-Pol MINGELS (F) Patrick REGIMONT (B)

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Palmares Starbiker

2017  Xavier SIMEON (B) Ruben XAUS (ES) Loris CRESSON (B)
2016  Rodrig THAIN (F) Xavier SIMEON (B) Blake WHARTON (USA)
2014  Romain FEBVRE (F) Jeremy VAN HOREBEEK (B) Cédric MELOTTE (B)
2012  Romain FEBVRE (F) Michael PICHON (F) Xavier BOOG (F)
2011  Romain FEBVRE (F) Cédric MELOTTE (B) Sven BREUGELMANS (B)
2010  Michael PICHON (F) Andrea BARTOLINI (I) Joshua COPPINS (NZ)
2009  Michael PICHON (F) Andrea BARTOLINI (I) Jeff WARD (USA)
2008  Michael PICHON (F) Frédéric BOLLEY (F) Stefan EVERTS (B)
2007  Michael PICHON (F) Micky DYMOND (USA) Joshua COPPINS (NZ)
2006  Stéphane CHAMBON (F) Stefan EVERTS (B) Andrea BARTOLINI (I)
2005  Stéphane CHAMBON (F) Yves DEMARIA (F) Didier JADOUL (B)
2004  Stéphane CHAMBON (F) Andrea BARTOLINI (I) Yves DEMARIA (F)
2003  Stefan EVERTS (B) Stéphane CHAMBON (F) Frédéric BOLLEY (F)
2001  Stéphane CHAMBON (F) Frédéric BOLLEY (F) Joël SMETS (B)
2002  Stéphane CHAMBON (F) Sébastien LE GRELLE (B) Stefan EVERTS (B)

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