Nearly 400 riders on the starting grid

The 32nd edition of the Coyote Superbiker already looks like a real success with nearly 400 drivers at the start!

Although it’s way too soon to start listing names of race riders set to take part, tradition dictates that Supermoto always brings in the crème of other motorsport disciplines such as speed, motocross and endurance.

All bikes are required to be two-cylinder models from 100cc to 900cc, and riders are split into three main categories: Starbikers (riders from disciplines other than Supermoto), Prestige (guest Supermoto experts) and Supermoto (everyone else).

Other categories are Junior (under-15s) and new this year Senior (over-45s) and electrically-powered bikes.

And of course, like every other year, the Superbiker will see some of the world’s top Quad riders grace Mettet with their presence.

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