A music festival at the Elf Moto Superbiker in Mettet

The Jules Tacheny circuit is putting on a big show to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the ELF Moto Superbiker.

This year, the Royal Union Motor Entre Sambre et Meuse innovates again, and organises an exceptional music festival, under a big top, the After Race Festival, which will electrify the atmosphere on the Mettet circuit even more.

Three days of racing, two nights of music.

On Friday 7 October, after the first two-wheeled jousts, it’s time for rock with three cover bands. Slick, Replay and Mother Cover. From 6 p.m. to 1 a.m., these three Belgian groups will revive the hits of the last thirty years.

On Saturday 8 October, it’s DJ time with Mademoiselle Luna, DJ Ghost, Jelle Van Dael, Dave Lambert, Heikki and Nico Parisi. From 6 p.m. until 2 a.m., the circuit will be rocking with an avalanche of wild rhythms with the After Race Festival.

The After Race Festival is open to everyone.

You don’t have to be a supermoto fan to participate in the After Race Festival. Tickets for the After Race Festival are available on site or in advance at the price of 20€ for both nights, or 45€ for the festival and access to the campsite. These tickets do not give access to the Elf Moto Superbiker.

However, the After Race Festival is open to all weekend ticket holders. end ticket for the Elf Moto Superbiker.

More info: afterrace.be